Suggested Excursions while Vacationing at Himalayan Paradise Resort


Keraao Pachhaad (a.k.a. Tiger Falls)

Trekking Route Length: 05 km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Overall Time Required: 6 -7 hours

The trek starts after breakfast at the resort. You walk down to the gorge carved by the Gwasa Gaad stream and follow its winding channel till it meets the waters of the Keraao Pachhaad.

The route is enchanting, winding through nearly pristine montane broadleaf forest, pasture and farmland. One may rest awhile en route at Khoya Chhaani, the winter-settlement of Mohna village, interact with its inhabitants and get a glimpse of the local traditional lifestyle, before continuing the descent through terraced farmland to the foot of the Keraao Pachhaad cascade.

You can spend about a couple of hours exploring around the magnificent waterfall and having a packed lunch. A short climbing path takes you to the nearest motorable road at Saintoli, from which place you return by vehicle to the resort, where hot tea and snacks await you!

Must carry: Water bottle (1 l), sun-protection. Optional: Camera, binoculars.


Trekking Route Length: -- 6km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Overall Time Required: 3 hours

After breakfast at the resort, you drive to Devban, carrying a packed lunch. The Vyaas Shikhar in Devban is the highest peak in the Chakrata region and, on a clear day, offers breathtaking views of a number of Himalayan peaks.

You could spend a couple of hours hiking up the short path to the summit of Vyaas Shikhar, taking in the views, bird-watching, exploring the pristine mixed forests of Devban. One might even interact, and maybe, have a cup of tea, with the Gujjars, a nomadic tribe that camps here for a part of each year.

After lunch, you trek from Devban to the resort along a picturesque forest-trail, then down through Mohna Village and up the road from Gwasa Bridge.

Must carry: Water bottle (1 l), sun-protection. Optional: Camera, binoculars.


Trekking Route Length: --1 km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Overall Time Required: -- 2hours

After breakfast at the resort, you drive down to the nearest motorable point to the village, then cover the rest of the distance by foot.

Kandhar is a beautiful village which, being sufficiently away from a motorable road, still maintains its old-world grandeur and charm. The environs of this quaint village are rich in Himalayan flora and fauna. You can spend about a couple of hours enjoying a leisurely walk around the village, interacting with its inhabitants and having your packed lunch.

After lunch, you trek along a foot-trail back to the resort.

Caving at Moila Danda (a.k.a. Budher)

Trekking Route Length: --3 km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Overall Time Required: one & half hours

After breakfast at the resort, you drive up to Budher forest outpost, then hike across a long forest-trail up to Moila Danda

A wonderful example of typical Kaarst topography, the Moila Danda area offers an array of geomorphologcal features such as rounded knolls, labyrinthine underground cave-networks, shallow pools of chalky limestone-rich water and amphitheatre-shaped cirques.

You could spend two or more hours here exploring doing some caving and checking out traditional temples dedicated to local animal-deities, returning to Budher Forest Outpost for lunch.

After lunch, you drive back to the resort. One could stop for a tea brewed on a traditional wood-stove at Laukhandi en route.

Moila Danda -Budher Cave- 26 km drive followed with a 3km hike brings the guest to Budher Cave. Meadow with sync holes makes this place unique. Stalactites are in abundance

Bittoo’s Cave

Trekking Route Length: --05 km after a curvy drive of 20 kms from HimalayanParadise

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Overall Time Required: 7-8 hours

Your host, Bittooji, 'discovered' this cave with the help of local villagers, and later, facilitated its official exploration by a team of Indian geologists, leading to the discovery of 6 metres long and 3 lakh year-old stalagmites within. The local people fondly refer to this cave as Bittoo’s Cave. Bittu Cave- A 20 km drive from the resort and a 5 Km hike through mesmerising deodar forests, brings the guests to the highest stalagmite in Asia. At 06 meters it boasts of being one of its kind.

Above given are few of the many. The options are there to make the treks for more days like 15+ that can be organized depending on the availability of time and other factors.

During the treks the options of splitting into different modes can also be incorporated.

These would be:

1. On foot

2. On vehicle

3. On horse back(Depending on the availability)

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We bring this solution for you. All you have to do is to tell us your interest and we shall plan a trip for you based on your interests, likes and the level of adventure you would like to have.

We specialise in customizing the trip as per the liking of guests. Details given above are just to provide an idea about the kind of packages which are in the offering.